How does it all work?

What does a Harbourview Toastmasters meeting feel like?

Recent speeches – in the past year our members have given speeches on:

  • COVID-19 – why it’s overrated

  • The benefits of being boring

  • Victor Frankl’s Search for Meaning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Life in an immigration camp in Malaysia

  • The Plastic Sea

  • Artificial Intelligence explained by cat

Meetings are designed to be fun and make you a better speaker. There are sections for off-the-cuff speaking, longer speeches, constant friendly evaluation and a chance to get to know fellow members.

You’ll practice the different skills at your own pace. You’re never told what to talk about or pushed to the front. Everyone in the room wants to see you get better – and have fun doing it.

The best way to find out if Toastmasters is for you is to come to a meeting. You’ll be welcomed, invited to speak if you want to or to watch if you’d rather settle in. And you can come as often as you like, for free, till you’re certain Harbourview Toastmasters is right for you.

Face to Face Meetings

On the third (and sometimes 5th) Wednesday each month we run in person meetings at the Kirribilli Club. These meetings give you a chance to practice, test and refine your public speaking skills in front of a real-life audience – but an audience who is always on your side.